• Michelle Kwan

    2019 Spring Chubb Fellow - Figure Skater and Leader

  • Gene Luen Yang

    Award-winning graphic novelist, cartoonist, and educator - Chubb Fellow Fall 2018

  • Faith Ringgold

    Artist, Writer, Activist - Chubb Fellow Spring 2018

  • Bill McKibben

    Author, Educator and Environmentalist - Chubb Fellow Fall 2017

  • João Vale de Almeida

    Chubb Fellow Fall 2016 -- Senior European Union diplomat


Since 1949 the Chubb Fellowship visiting lecture program, administered by Timothy Dwight College, has annually brought local, national, and international leaders to campus to receive Yale’s highest honors for a visiting lecturer. Chubb Fellows have included many heads of state, other national and international political leaders, Nobel and Pulitzer prize winners, and a wide range of highly accomplished individuals in business, nonprofit management and the arts whose experiences and leadership have helped define the challenges of our times and the ways that we should seek to address them. Above all, the Chubb Fellowship program engages the Yale and New Haven communities with the notion that service to the public good is the highest calling to which anyone may aspire.

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Michelle Kwan - US Olympic Figure Skater
February 19, 2019
The Chubb Fellow for the Spring 2019 semester is Michelle Kwan, Distinguished Athlete, and Leader. She will deliver the Chubb address at 4:30pm on Wednesday April 3rd at a...
Students at Chubb Fellows talk
October 17, 2018
The Chubb Fellow for the Fall 2018 semester is Gene Luen Yang, the award-winning graphic novelist, cartoonist, and educator. He will deliver the Chubb address at 4:30pm on...
Image of Family Quilt
August 21, 2018
On April 8, 2018, Chubb Fellow and renowned artist Faith Ringgold was our special guest for our annual “Berry Brunch” celebration in the Timothy Dwight College Dining Hall....