Students a Chubb Fellowship Event


In 1936, Hendon Chubb (1895S) established a fund for “the encouragement and aid of students interested in government and public affairs.”  The Chubb Fellowship was officially established in 1949 when Chubb and the Head of the College of Timothy Dwight College collaborated to create a visiting fellowship program as the principle means to achieve this goal. 

For over sixty years, the Head of the College of Timothy Dwight has named a few nationally and internationally distinguished men and women each year to receive Yale’s highest honors for a visiting lecturer: the Chubb Fellowship. They include many heads of state, other national and international political leaders, Nobel and Pulitzer prize winners, and a wide range of highly accomplished individuals in business, nonprofit management and the arts whose experiences and leadership have helped define the challenges of our times and the ways that we should seek to address them. Above all, the Chubb Fellowship program engages the Yale and New Haven communities with the notion that service to the public good is the highest calling to which anyone can aspire.