Student talking with a chubb fellow


Each year, the Head of the College of Timothy Dwight names a few nationally and internationally distinguished men and women dedicated to public service to receive Yale’s highest honors for a visiting lecturer: the Chubb Fellowship. The Head of College is currently Professor Mary Lui.

The Chubb Fellow usually makes a public address on a topic of special interest, open to the entire Yale and New Haven communities. Though the lecture is an important component of the visit, the main purpose is to have the Fellow participate as fully as possible in the life of the College and the wider Yale community. The format of the visit enables the Chubb Fellow to meet with groups of students and faculty during a meal, reception, workshop or seminar.

The response of Yale students to the program continues to be enthusiastic. This personal contact is what differentiates the Chubb Fellowship visit from other university lectureship invitations. It makes for an inspiring and rewarding experience for all those in the Yale community who have contact with the Chubb Fellow. Although the activities of the program focus on the students of Timothy Dwight College, its principal beneficiary, the impact is felt throughout the student body of Yale University and in the New Haven community at large.