Faith Ringgold and Grace Matthews produce two quilts for Timothy Dwight Dining Hall in mind.

August 21, 2018

On April 8, 2018, Chubb Fellow and renowned artist Faith Ringgold was our special guest for our annual “Berry Brunch” celebration in the Timothy Dwight College Dining Hall. Ringgold returned with Grace Matthews, assistant and fellow artist to unveil the two collaborative quilts they created with the TD community. Both quilts were produced in our art studio as part of the spring’s Chubb Fellowship events that included a lecture at the Yale University Art Gallery on February 15, 2018. Read the full story in the Yale News

Our first quilt is titled “Family”

The quilt honors our ancestors – family and non-family members who have given us strength and confidence to move through the world whether at Yale or beyond.

Each participant on the “Family” project – students and TD fellows – chose people they wished to honor and commemorate. They then completed figure studies, sketching out portraits to be transferred onto the quilt. As you will see the quilt is a stunning achievement.

Second quilt honors art historian and TD Resident Fellow Sylvia Ardyn Boone.

The first African American female scholar to receive tenure at Yale she was a member of the faculty in the department of History of Art. Her memory is widely celebrated on campus.

For this quilt, TD student, staff, and fellows worked together to stencil, draw, and paint the bold Kuba design created by Faith Ringgod and Grace Matthews.

Student, Staff and Fellows Involvement

The following students, staff and fellows were involved in the design and making of the quilts.

Timothy Dwight Students (alpha order)

  • Luna Beller-Tadiar ‘18
  • Julia Fleming-Dresser ‘19
  • Victoria Gebert ‘19
  • Sarah Jho ‘20
  • Zihao Lin ‘21
  • Noah Macey ‘19
  • Liana Murray ‘18
  • Nikita Raheja ‘20
  • Nadia Rahman ‘19
  • Evelyn Roberts ‘19
  • Alex Swanson ‘18
  • Korinayo Thompson ‘18

TD Staff & Fellows

  • Octavio Balbarin (Head of College family)
  • Vincent Balbarin (Associate Head)
  • Lisa Bajwa (TD Resident Fellow)
  • Melissa Debies-Carl (TD Facilities Superintendent)
  • Sharon Goldbloom (TD House Assistant)
  • Mary Lui (Head of College)
  • KC Mills (TD Operations Manager)
  • Vera Wells (TD Fellow and TD Alum)

Special thanks to Faith Ringgold’s staff from the “I Can Fly” Foundation:

  • Grace Matthews
  • Kyle Matthews
  • Michelle Wallace
  • Marva Washington